1/2 Amah Ruler

This laser engraved solid maple ruler is designed to bring the lessons of Daf Yomi, Gemara, and Chumash to life. Marked on the front in etzba (etsbah), tefach, and 1/2 amah markings, this ruler allows you to put to use what you’ve learned about and read about.

Front of ruler contains measurement scales according to Chazon Ish, Rav Chaim Noeh, and Igrot Moshe.

Carefully researched and made to exacting specifications, we’ve built this ruler with inches shown on one edge and centimeters on the other so you’ll be able to compare the Talmudic measurements to common ones.

The back of the ruler can be engraved with your message, logo, or other graphic. No extra charge for engraving your message, just a one-time $25 set-up charge. Order 50 or more of the same design and we’ll waive the set-up charge.

Great gift for the student in your life!

Made in our shop in Milwaukee, WI.

Pricing: $12/ea

1 – 9          $12/ea
10 – 24      $10.50/ea
25 – 49      $9.00/ea
50 – 99      $7.50/ea
100+          $6.00/ea

Special pricing available for non-profit organizations and schools.

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