What started as a project to build one shtender for a rabbi at a shul in Milwaukee has turned into a full-time enterprise. We now offer a wide variety of items for shul and home use, all built with what many consider to be old-fashioned methods. We just consider them the right way to do things. We use solid wood (not particle board or plywood, unless noted in description or requested by customer) and take pride in the construction of every piece. Rather than just “screw & glue” like you see on many lower-cost items, we believe that time-tested methods of joinery are the best ones. That’s why we use solid wood pins, mortise & tenon joints, dovetail joints, and many other hand-worked methods to ensure that your items last for generations. In short, nothing leaves our shop that we wouldn’t be satisfied using when davening.

Our new 6000 sq. foot shop is located on the north side of Milwaukee. With a large workshop area and separate finishing room, we can easily handle large orders. We make every effort to support the local Jewish community through hiring and job training whenever possible.

We are easy to find and welcome customer visits.


(414) 873-1602


4905 N 32nd St., Milwaukee, WI 53209


Sun By Appt, Mon-Thu 10am-5pm, Fri 10am-2pm



Shop Mascot

Hand Work Area

Inside Yehuda Manufacturing

Front of Shop

Building was constructed in 1955

Yehuda Goldberg

Owner, Master Craftsman
Largely self-taught, I've enjoyed woodworking since helping my father on many projects as a small child. It's fascinating to me to discover age-old techniques and put them to use once again when making furniture and wood items. I also enjoy combining some high-tech methods such as laser engraving and CNC carving when appropriate, and feel that the various methods blend well to produce heirloom-quality pieces.
(414) 873-1602