Pricing / Shipping / Returns


Approximate shipping costs are detailed below. The exact cost of shipping will be determined at the time you place your order. For shtenders, the cost may vary slightly from the amounts listed below due to fluctuations in shipping costs and according to the size of the shtender you order. All prices in US dollars.

Please note that both UPS and FedEx have recently increased their prices about 5%. The prices in the following table are only estimates and meant to provide a starting point. Please contact us by phone or email to get more detailed and up-to-date shipping costs.

The new model of our contemporary shtender is designed to make shipping more affordable by reducing the size of the carton(s) required. This model requires minimal assembly (hand tools only – included with shtender). If you prefer to have your shtender ship fully assembled it must be sent via freight service.

Care is taken to pack everything that leaves our shop securely, including the use of extra-heavy cartons which we construct ourselves. All shipments are sent insured, so notify the driver immediately upon delivery if there is any obvious damage to the carton.

Pricing & Payment

Due to the custom nature of our work, prices will vary. The following prices are meant to be a guideline to give you a general idea of our pricing. Please contact us to discuss your needs and to get a price quote. All prices in US dollars.

    • Shtenders Contemporary – Starting at $525
    • Yeshiva Style – Starting at $259
    • Traditional – Starting at $525
    • Deluxe – Starting at $1850
    • Table Top Shtender – Starting at $225
    • Pushkes – Starting at $79
    • Portable Aron Kodesh
      • Starting at $1450 (without base cabinet)
      • Starting at $2150 (with base cabinet)

We accept payment by credit card or institutional check . We require payment in full at time the order is placed. No work will be placed on our shop’s construction schedule until payment is received. No refunds will be made once work has begun on your order.

Return Policy

Everything we sell is custom made to your specifications, and we will work with you as much as is necessary to be sure that your order fills your needs. Due to the custom nature of our work, returns are generally not accepted. We will stand behind everything we sell in the event of defects in workmanship or materials and take steps necessary to correct any problems which may arise, including repairing or replacing the item (at our discretion.) Please note that wood is a natural product and that we cannot guarantee the exact grain and/or color. It is our policy to get customer approval on all stain/finish choices. Be aware that wood products will contain certain marks or irregularities which are part of the nature of wood and not considered a defect.

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