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  • 1/2 Amah Ruler

    This laser engraved solid maple ruler is designed to bring the lessons of Daf Yomi, Gemara, and Chumash to life. Marked on the front in etzba (etsbah), tefach, and 1/2 amah markings, this ruler allows you to put to use what you've learned about and read about. Front of ruler contains measurement scales according to…

  • Amud: Day School Pulpit

    Basic amud / pulpit perfect for use in a Day School or Yeshiva. Has lots of interior storage, and doors can be ordered as an option. Designed to provide an attractive and sturdy amud while still keeping to a tight budget.

  • Amud: Oak Frame & Panel

    We make this elegant amud to order, so you can have it the exact size you need. Shown in solid oak w/oak ply panel with "Oak Mantle" stain. Can be made in wood types and color to your specifications.

  • Aron Kodesh: AK-RBZ

    This built-in aron kodesh was built with a solidy mahogany front as well as solid mahogany carved trim and molding. Please call for current pricing.

  • Aron Kodesh: Army – Ft. Stewart / Ft. Hood

    This model is designed for use in military chapels on bases throughout the world. Shown are the models built for Ft. Stewart, GA and Ft. Hood, TX. This model includes unit insignia carving, carved doors, as well as deluxe crown molding, base molding, and columns on all four corners. Available in oak (shown) or cherry…

  • Aron Kodesh: Boca

    Solid built with extra secure doors, this aron will add elegance and beauty to your shul. Built of solid oak and oak ply, it is mounted on casters for easy movement. Includes pocket with paroches rod. Shown in oak with "Oak Mantle" stain. Prices start at $8275 Call (414) 873-1602 for information about ordering today.

  • Aron Kodesh: Day School

    This very popular model is perfect for day school or similar use. Can be done is a size to suit your needs. Available in cherry stained birch (shown) and oak. Other wood types available upon request. Prices start at $4250.

  • Aron Kodesh: DC-JPD

    This cherry-stained aron kodesh is built upon a storage base which is equipped with casters. The aron shown is in use in the Jewish Primary Day School in D.C. Please call for current pricing.

  • Aron Kodesh: Green Bay

    Approximately 8' tall, 36" wide, and 24" deep, this aron kodesh is perfect for a small shul. Comfortably holds 2-3 sifrei torah. Prices start at $5750- call for details and options.

  • Aron Kodesh: Miniature Aron Kodesh

    Prices start at $825 - call for details and options.

  • Aron Kodesh: MJHCC

    This solid oak Aron Kodesh with hand-carved details was commissioned by the Milwaukee Jewish Home & Care Center for use in a temporary chapel while their facility underwent remodeling. Call for pricing.

  • Aron Kodesh: Northbrook

    This very small aron kodesh is perfect for travel and can easily fit into a compact car. Prices start at $750 - call for details and options.