Deluxe Shtender

The Deluxe Shtender is truly a work of art. Built using old-world methods with real wood, this shtender is designed to last a lifetime. There are many details and special features that make our Deluxe Shtender truly a magnificent piece that will enhance the davening or learning for anyone using it.

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Our deluxe shtender is built with a solid hardwood frame and top using “rail and style” construction. The inset panels are built of hardwood veneered ply to provide stability and strength and to allow the shtender to adjust to different seasonal conditions. Please contact us for more information.

Although the Deluxe Shtender is a standard item in our offerings, each is hand built one at a time. Production takes about 60-80 actual hours of construction spread out over two weeks. This is plus a few days’ lead time to gather materials from the mill and suppliers as well as a few days for crating and prepping for shipping. It would be best to figure a three-week build time for a Deluxe Shtender. However, at times our production schedule is backed up and it won’t be possible to start yours immediately. When you call to place your order we’ll be sure to give you an accurate estimate of when to expect your new shtender.

Size: Approximately 24″w x 18″ d. Height is 40″ at front rising to 44″ at rear. Custom sizes can be made.

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Weight 100 lbs


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