Seder Case / Matzo Case

We are pleased to announce this gorgeous Seder Case which will certainly become a family heirloom and the centerpiece of your seder table. A very limited number of these hand built solid wood seder cases will be made, as each takes 2-3 weeks to complete. A single craftsman builds each by hand and completes all the steps along the way, from hand selecting the solid walnut to hand carving the intricately detailed beaded molding. These are built from a combination of woods, including walnut, cherry, mahogany, and maple. The lettering is done with an inlaid-veneer which has been painstakingly cut to precisely fit into the underlying cherry veneer to create crisp and clear letters. The top veneer is inlaid in a sunburst pattern, highlighting the gorgeous cherry grain pattern.

Inside dimension of the opening is approximately 13″ at the opening and can easily accommodate most shamura matzo. There are interior shelves, each covered in solid cherry veneer. Inside height is 5″, divided between the three interior compartments. Overall diameter is approx. 16-3/4″, and the overall height is approx. 8″. The top area can accommodate your seder plate up to 13-3/4″ is diameter. Seder plate is not included.

Cost for this limited edition Seder Case is $3250 USD. A refundable deposit of $500 is required to have your name placed on the reservation list. Only 6 reservation spaces will be available at any time. Once you have a reservation you will be notified once your name comes to the top of the list as a Seder Case is completed. You will then have one week to complete the purchase or we’ll offer the piece to the next name on the list. These will be made one at a time.