Folding Table Top Shtender – Hi Rise

DSC_0762We’ve got a great new product to show you – a folding table top shtender that serves both sitting and standing. It’s built to the highest standards as a small piece of furniture, using solid cherry high quality hardware for years of use. The engraving is detailed and covers nearly all the front of the shtender, adding to the old-world beauty.

Our team has worked for months trying to come up with a design for a sit/stand folding shtender, and in the end simplicity won out. The legs open or close with ease, and everything is stable and solid whether used in the high or low position.

This is not built of particle board, press-board, or other artificial products. It’s the real deal made right on our own shop in Milwaukee of real wood, and you’ll know the instant you hold it in your hands the difference that makes. DSC_0763The richness and beauty of the natural wood will add greatly to your davening and learning.

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